Society tells us a lot about love. TV shows and movies often depict long, romantic getaways and extravagant gifts. Sometimes social media shows us all the smiles, candlelit dinners for two, and warm embraces.

But here’s another example of love…one you probably won’t see in the next blockbuster…but it’s love nonetheless. And it looks like these size large, extra wide, hot pink sandals.

Due to the swelling in my legs and feet, I basically have no shoes left that fit. I had no shoes to wear to the hospital. We tried ordering a couple of things but nothing worked. So the night before last my husband made a late-night trip to the store in search of some shoes for his very pregnant wife.

He called from the store, a smile ringing through his voice. “I have some real winners for you…a few great choices for you to choose from,” he said. “Great!” I said, smiling into the phone. “I really hope you found some that light up,” I joked. “Unfortunately there are none that light up in your…ahem…size as the choices are pretty limited, but I have found some that are bright enough to practically light up,” he answered. “I’ll send you pictures.”

About thirty minutes later my husband came bearing gifts—not roses or jewelry mind you. Just some hot pink, extra wide, adjustable sandals.

There are so many ways we can demonstrate our love, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with getaways and flowery cards.

Let’s just not overlook the ways that may often be forgotten…things like a listening ear, working hard to provide, an empty gas tank that’s been filled, some laundry that’s been folded, or a table that’s been cleared.

And maybe just maybe some hot pink, extra wide sandals when you need them most.

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