I slept all night last night for the first time since our sweet baby girl was born. Actually, it was the first time in over a year because I was up and down a LOT during the final months of my pregnancy.

And I dare not boast or say this too loudly because I know from having two other kiddos that tonight I will most likely be up and down with her again. I’m simply saying it’s a start—a first—a first night of sleeping through the night. Finally.

I’m sharing this simply for the mama out there who’s maybe a first-time mom, or maybe even a third-time mom like me, who’s rubbing her eyes this morning in exhaustion wondering if her little one will ever sleep. It will get better. It will. That sweet baby will sleep through the night at some point and you’ll wake up (for once) rested.

And it may not happen again that very next night but it will happen eventually…and then more and more.

So to my fellow tired moms of littles…hang on. I know the nights can feel so long, but there will most likely come a day when you’ll want to go back…even for just a moment to hold or rock your little one. But you’ll have a preschooler or a first grader or a high schooler instead. I know this first hand.

So even on the longest nights, I try my best to remember this because the “firsts” by nature lead to the “lasts”. There will come a last night of her needing me to hold her like this.

So though I celebrate my extra sleep this morning, I do so knowing what this first means. I do so knowing this a season…a tiring, exhausting but oh-so-precious season. And I won’t wish it away.

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