Tomorrow marks one year—one year since I was readmitted to the hospital with postpartum preeclampsia.

One year, since I left my big kids and my brand new baby at home with my husband, while a sweet friend drove me to my doctor’s appointment and then straight to the hospital.

One year since the nurses wrapped the rails on my hospital bed in blankets in case I had a seizure.

One year since I lay there listening to the doctor give the nurse instructions for my care: “Give her this dose and monitor her pressure every five minutes for the next fifteen. I’ll be back in by then, and if it’s not down we’ll give a second dose.”

One year—thankfully a lot can change in a year.

It’s been one year of seeing God bless my family in countless ways. It’s been a year of restored health. It’s been one more year of seeing God’s faithfulness demonstrated so powerfully in my life. And friends, I say this not because He healed me (though I’m so thankful He did), but because the truth is God was just as faithful on the day I walked through those hospital doors as He was on the day I walked out of them.

The truth is that God was just as good as I lay there on that hospital bed missing my babies and worrying about what could happen to me and our family, as He is today when I no longer have to take blood pressure medication.

The character of God doesn’t change according to our circumstances. Whether life is light and easy for you right now or you’re in the hardest season of your life, the same loving, faithful, all-powerful God is with you and loves you beyond measure.

I’m not sure what path you’re on tonight, but I want you to know you can trust Him. Trusting Him doesn’t mean that all our earthly circumstances always pan out exactly as we hope and dream. If we’ve lived many years at all, we’ve most likely come to know this firsthand. I know I have.

But I’ve also come to know that even when God didn’t change my circumstances exactly as I wished He would, He was still at work in my life, and looking back I can see it even more clearly.

I can see His faithfulness. I can see His redemption. I can see how He brought beauty from brokenness, and I can see His goodness shining forth even through dark seasons.

A lot can change in a year—circumstances, yes, but also our heart and our relationship with God. And that’s the most important change of all.

So wherever you are tonight, I hope you’ll remember that you are so loved by God, and He is still at work in your life. He’s still writing your story. He is always faithful, always with you, and always good.

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