Should I blog?

I’ve wrestled with this question off and on for several weeks now.  I tend to do this with some things (or a lot of things) lately.  By nature I’m analytical, but sometimes all of this analyzing can lead to anxiety. I don’t remember being this analytical or “thinky” (as my dear friend calls it) when I was younger.  I think it crept up on me in more recent years, particularly since having children.  I want to make perfect decisions, especially where they are concerned; yet in an effort to do so, I become paralyzed by fear of making the wrong one. I’ll go around and around the same question, even on simple things, trying desperately to make the very best choice.  What is this? What is this desire to be perfect; this fear of making the wrong decision?

This much I do know.  Anxiety allows no room for peace and certainly no room for joy.  The more anxious our thoughts, the harder it is to hear that Still Small Voice.  The more our minds worry and stress over the minute things, the less time we have to focus on life changing things.

As I’ve been contemplating the possibility of a blog, I’ve been considering an appropriate name for this new endeavor.  I’ve made lists and looked up synonyms trying to think of a clever or unique name that will ultimately be “perfect”.  I was standing in my closet the other day, looking for something to wear, and thinking about it for the tenth or one hundredth time.  Finally, I thought to myself, this just shouldn’t be this hard.  The blog name doesn’t have to be perfect.  Nobody’s perfect.  No mama is perfect!  Choose something and move on.  Then it hit me.  No mama’s perfect.  Now that is so very true and so very “PERFECT!”

So welcome to “No Mama’s Perfect”:  the blog about motherhood, life, work, and dreams.  One that holds dearly to the precious, endearing, and cherished times, but also one that is very honest about the frustrations, trials, and chaos that come along for the ride.

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