She woke up crying a few minutes ago. I picked her up and haven’t put her back down. I probably should. But I won’t…at least not yet.

There are dishes still in the sink. A load of laundry still sits in the dryer from earlier today, wrinkling as I type. I still need to unpack the big kid’s suitcases from their visit with their grandparents a few days ago. I need to do these things and so much more. But I won’t…at least not yet.

I’ve had the privilege of holding a baby before so I know firsthand how fast the moments turn to days and the days to months and years, and before you know it you can no longer hold them here in your arms like this.

So I’m gonna let the dishes wait.

The wrinkled clothes can sit a while longer.

The suitcase will be emptied at some point but it will not be tonight.

Tonight I’ll sit and hold her a while longer. Because I don’t want to let her go…at least not yet.

Originally written July 10, 2022

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