“If one more person calls my name, I think I might scream,” I thought to myself earlier this evening.

And immediately I felt guilty.

As a mom, I’m needed often. As a mom with a kiddo who was sick last week and another kiddo sick this week, amidst a myriad of other things happening in our lives right now, I’ve been needed seemingly constantly.

So when one child hollered for what seemed like the thousandth time today, “Mama, can you please…”, followed by a second child saying, “Mama, I want…”, followed by the littlest half saying and half motioning that she wanted something to drink, I’d had it.

I’m tired—exhausted really.

And I do feel guilty because I recognize how blessed I am. Having a friend younger than me in the hospital as we speak, makes me realize even more how blessed I am not only FOR my children but also to be physically able to take care of my children.

Perspective is so important, but somewhere along the way we’ve muddied the waters by thinking good and hard can’t coexist—by believing that gratitude and overwhelm can’t breathe the same air. They can.

I’m tired. And this doesn’t make me a bad mom.

I’m a good mom who’s exhausted.

I’m a good mom who feels frustrated sometimes.

I’m a good mom who occasionally wishes I could just punch a time card for a thirty-minute lunch and sit and eat in total peace and quiet.

I’m a good mom who wonders some days what she’s contributing to the world as she piles another load of clean laundry on the bed or wipes milk from the floor for the fourth time that day.

I’m a good mom. You are too.

So when my frustration and exhaustion were at their peak and about to spill over today, I took it all to God. I should have done it sooner.
As I got one child a cup of water and as I wiped crumbs from counters, I told God how tired I was, how I felt, and I asked for help. I asked Him to strengthen me to do the things He has called me to do. I asked Him to help me love and serve my family well. And if you’re struggling this week I encourage you to do the same.

Ask God to align your heart with His. Ask Him to give you a fresh perspective. He invites us to come to Him and He meets us in these moments.

For the record, this wasn’t what I had planned to post tonight. I had something else on my heart originally. But as the chaos began to swirl around me, I decided there was probably another mama out there who needed to know she’s not alone because one thing I’ve learned these last few years is this: if I’m struggling with something I can be certain someone else is too. Not one of us has it all together all the time.

We each have days we want to pull our hair out.

We each have days when tears fall.

We each have days when we wonder what our purpose is even if deep down we know what we do truly matters.

We each have days.

But even on those days, perhaps especially on those days, it’s important to know…

We’re still good moms.

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