Dear Son,

I watch you play, your spirit a mixture of tough little boy, twinkle-in-the-eye mischief, and a heart so big I’m not sure how it fits in your chest.

And I smile.

You’re an enigma in a lot of ways. Perhaps it’s because, being a girl myself, I’ve never seen the world through a boy’s eyes.

But now, I catch glimpses through yours, and a fascinating world it is.

“Get in your batting stance,” your dad will say, and you’ll bend your knees slightly, bat raised, elbow up, and then contort your little face into the most serious expression I’ve ever seen. Your blue eyes squint beneath your drawn-together brows. Your lips purse in such a way that says, “I’m ready…bring it.”

It’s a look of fierce determination.

This morning, you called for me at your usual well-before-anyone-should-be-awake time, and I walked into your room and picked you up, giving you a hug. You reached your little arms around my neck and said, “We love each other so much, don’t we mama.”

And my heart melted.

IMG_0290You’re a combination of rough-and-tumble and hugs-and-kisses.

You’ll chase your daddy through the yard, grabbing his legs, laughing as he picks you up swinging you around and around. Once back on your feet, you’ll pick the prettiest flower bringing it to me with a smile.

You’ll ask to help me bake cookies in the kitchen, and then you’ll ask to catch bugs in the yard.

You’ll aggravate your sister until she’s ready to scream (and sometimes does), and then you’ll reach your arms around her waist as best you can and profess your love for her.

You’ll ask the most profound questions about God and Heaven, and in the next breath talk about various types of animal poop and ask if it’s rude that Ring-tailed Lemurs stick their tails in other Lemur’s faces.

You’re a lesson in curiosity, imagination, and delight.

I look in your eyes, the window to the soul, and see so much beauty.

God did make you beautiful, my son. And I don’t mean your outward appearance, though I think you are one handsome boy. I mean you are beautiful inside.

There’s kindness, strength, charm, humor, goodness, joy, hope, and so much love right there inside of you. All twinged with a hint of mischievousness.

And God blessed me with the beautiful gift of you.

A gift that helps me see the world in a brand-new way.

A gift that, along with your sister, fills this mama’s heart to overflowing.

A gift that makes me too want to greet this world with a mixture of fierce determination and a heart full of love.



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