We’ve been here over a year now, but honestly, some days, I still feel a little lost.

Not always directionally, there’s GPS for that, but sometimes emotionally.  You see I’m a Georgia girl.  At least I was.  Now, this Georgia girl is sitting in North Carolina.

Growing up in Georgia and living there for so many years made me knowledgeable about its people and places.  If someone in my community said, “Do you know so and so?”  Often I would know them or know someone who knew them.  If someone mentioned that they were going to a particular college, I would know where it was and other people who had attended. When someone talked about Stone Mountain, Callaway Gardens, the Golden Isles Parkway, the Masters, the North Georgia Mountains, or sweet Vidalia onions, this was all familiar.

IMG_8551But here in my new community, so much is still unfamiliar.  Conversations swirl around me each day discussing people, places, and events, but sometimes I still feel a little out of place, a bit disoriented.

I still feel a little lost.

Feeling lost is not central to moving, however.  Though I was very young, I can still remember feeling a little lost when my parents divorced.  When I went off to college and knew very few people, I remember feeling lost. As an adult, finding myself on an unexpected and very difficult path, I felt lost.   When someone I loved dearly died suddenly; I was absolutely lost.

Feeling lost is not new to me.  I’ve felt this way before.

Perhaps that’s one good thing about getting older.  With age comes the probability that you’ve walked through the dense fog of a new path before.  You’ve probably tripped and fallen as you’ve traversed the road of sorrow or despair.  You’ve most likely been through enough to know that even in the lost times, you’ll find your way again.  With years comes the understanding that even when things seem cloudy, murky, and your footing feels unsure, you know from looking back that there is solid ground to be found ahead.

Because I’ve felt lost before, I have learned that where I am does not matter nearly as much as Whose I am.  That how I feel is not nearly as important as how God feels about me.  That no matter how lost I seemingly am, I can rest in the One who never loses His way.  We are promised in Romans 8:28 (NAS) that, “we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, and are called according to His purpose.”

So even when we walk through the valley and the darkness, even when our footing feels unsteady, even when we feel a little lost….

We can find comfort in knowing that God is not done, He is good, and His plans are perfect.

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