God, tonight we pray for the one who is tired and emotionally spent. She’s worried about so many things and trying so hard to make the best decisions for her family.

There are issues at school or problems at work. There are difficult family situations, financial struggles, or worrisome news to contend with. Some days it feels so heavy, Father. Some days it seems there are no easy or right answers.

So God, we come asking you to help us remember that you walk with us and will help us. We thank you that you give strength to the weary and wisdom to those who seek you.

God, we thank you that your word promises that when we trust in you with all our heart, acknowledge you, and seek your wisdom, that you will guide and direct our paths. We come seeking you tonight.

Please help us turn our hearts toward you. May we listen for your voice and follow where you lead. May we hand all our troubles and worries over to you, trusting you to carry the load—trusting in your faithfulness.

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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