God, tonight we pray for the one who feels pulled in a thousand different directions.

There are kiddos to feed and homework to help with. There are dishes piled high and laundry piled higher. There are permission slips for that upcoming field trip needing signatures and car tag renewal notices and bills to pay. There’s work outside the home, soccer practice in the afternoons and doctor’s appointments.

Sometimes it seems unending. And sometimes we long to just breathe. We long for a few minutes to catch our breath—to stop doing and to simply BE.

And Father, you invite us to do just this. You invite us to cast our burdens on you. You invite us to rest in you. You invite us to find refuge in you. You invite us to find peace in you. All that we long for in life, we can find in you.

Help us remember that you don’t call us to a frantic, frenzied life. You invite us into a deep and meaningful relationship with you. Help us slow down and draw closer to you. Help us prioritize the things that matter most. Help us prioritize time with you. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen

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