God, tonight we pray for the one who feels a bit like she’s losing herself as she pours one more bowl of cereal, sweeps up one more dust pan of crumbs, changes one more diaper, washes one more load of laundry, or picks up one more dirty sock from the kitchen floor.

God, we know that being a mother is such a gift…such a privilege…such an incredible calling. But God, sometimes we forget. Sometimes the exhaustion of the days, the monotony of the routine, the overwhelm of trying to get everything done and everyone seen about, leaves so little room for anything else. And it’s hard.

So Father, tonight I ask that each mama reading this would be reminded that the nurturing of our children’s souls is of such tremendous value to you. While we’re cooking meals and shuttling kids and reminding our kiddos for the third time to hang up their jacket, we’re really doing so much more.

We’re tending and encouraging hearts. We’re teaching and helping. We’re nurturing and listening. And most important, we’re pointing them to you.

Father, while most of what we do as mothers is never seen or noticed by many, you see us. You notice our efforts and what we do matters to you. You know our hearts and you continue to pursue them. Thank you for such a gift. And we thank you for our precious children.

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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