“Sit with me Mama,” my little boy said.

He was sitting at the breakfast table having a snack and watching me hustle around the room straightening, cleaning, and just trying in general to catch up. (A lofty goal I never seem to reach.)  “I’m coming baby, let me just finish these dishes first,” I replied.  I worked faster, loading dishes, wiping messes, putting things back that had been left out.  “Please come, sit with me Mama!  Come sit.” he said again.  This time I stopped, looking over and into his sweet gaze.  He was holding out an invitation for me to come. To sit.  To be.  My mind whirled with all of the things that needed doing; there’s just never enough time.  But I just didn’t have it in me to tell this precious two-year-old to wait yet again.  I accepted his special invitation, walked over, and sat down.

I willed myself to forget all of the “to-dos”, and to just sit and talk with my baby, enjoying this moment in time.  These moments won’t last forever.  There will come a time in the not so distant future, where he will have friends and instead of “Mama, come sit with me,” I’ll hear, “Mama, may I go to their house and play?”  And I’ll miss this.  I’ll want it back. I’ll miss being his very favorite person (along with his Daddy and Sister).  I’ll miss being the one he wants to be with, the one he wants to hold him.  There will come a time when the thing I want most in the world, is to sit with this boy talking about his horses.  And that time will have passed.  We can’t rewind time, which is all the more reason to be present, and to pay attention to the here and now.  To accept the invitation.  To Come.  To Sit.  To Be.

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