We got off to a bit of a rocky start yesterday morning. Kids were dragging around, we were running late, no one had on a jacket in the 30-plus degree weather. I could go on but you get the idea.
As we pulled out of the drive, a spirit of frustration and grumpiness prevailed.
I almost always pray with the kids as we drive to school and this morning was no different. I asked if one of the kids would like to go first this morning. My little boy volunteered and he began to pray. He said some prayers of thanks and then he said this, “…and God, I ask that you help us turn our attitudes around as we’ve gotten off to a little bit of a rocky start this morning. In Jesus name, Amen”.
I couldn’t help but smile—partly because he prayed this at all and partly because he knew to pray it because he’s heard me pray something similar on previous, challenging mornings.
Some days we all get off to a rocky start. Some days our attitudes stink. But the important thing to know is that we don’t have to stay there. We do have a choice. We can turn our attitudes around. We can choose a different way.
And perhaps the most important thing to remember is we can ask God for help. We don’t have to muscle through the days on our own. We can cry out to him when it’s hard, knowing He hears us and knowing He cares.
Some days when it all falls apart, we feel like we’re failing as parents. But the truth is that even on these challenging days there are things we can learn and teaching moments for our children.
Maybe today hasn’t gotten off to a good start for you. Just remember good can still come. Attitudes can change. We have the power to choose. And we have the privilege to pray.

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