Where Is My YOJ?

Is your JOY turned upside down, backward, and hanging on by a thread? Mine is too some days. This past weekend, we put up our Christmas tree. The kids were excited and eager to begin hanging ornaments. In my son’s haste (and inability to read!), he pulled out an ornament and happily hung it on … More Where Is My YOJ?

It’s A Special Day

“Sure we can do that…after all, it’s a special day.” I glanced to my right via an eye-roll, a grin tugging the corners of my mouth.  She glanced my way, knowing what I was thinking. Of course, today is a “special day.”  When Ma (my children’s name for my mother) is here, every day is … More It’s A Special Day

Dear Son,

Dear Son, I watch you play, your spirit a mixture of tough little boy, twinkle-in-the-eye mischief, and a heart so big I’m not sure how it fits in your chest. And I smile. You’re an enigma in a lot of ways. Perhaps it’s because, being a girl myself, I’ve never seen the world through a … More Dear Son,