It’s A Special Day

“Sure we can do that…after all, it’s a special day.” I glanced to my right via an eye-roll, a grin tugging the corners of my mouth.  She glanced my way, knowing what I was thinking. Of course, today is a “special day.”  When Ma (my children’s name for my mother) is here, every day is … More It’s A Special Day

A Heart To See

By: Ginger Hughes I’m not sure what she saw when she looked at me. There were no tears. My eyes were no longer swollen or red-rimmed. I was simply standing at the door of the intensive care unit, eyes downcast, waiting for my cousin to join me there. I glanced up once and saw her … More A Heart To See

Yet Goodness Remains

“Mommy, I have to go potty!” my son hollered from the backseat.  You’ve got to be kidding me, rolled around in my mind, never making it to my lips.  We had just stopped fifteen miles back, and we were only two hours into our six-hour trip.  “Are you sure you have to go?” I asked, … More Yet Goodness Remains

An Invitation

“Sit with me Mama,” my little boy said.  He was sitting at the breakfast table having a snack and watching me hustle around the room straightening, cleaning, and just trying in general to catch up. (A lofty goal I never seem to reach.)  “I’m coming baby, let me just finish these dishes first,” I replied.  I … More An Invitation

Joy In Leaves

Joy, happiness, excitement!  This is how my babies would probably describe their afternoon activities.  Dirty, messy, itchy would be my description.  Some friends and neighbors were raking leaves, and of course the two E’s wanted to help.  Now keep in mind, when we “help” with something it usually only adds to the work.  So, we … More Joy In Leaves