Dear Overwhelmed Mama, It’s not about perfection; it’s about love.

I feel overwhelmed some days. It’s the kind of overwhelmed that has me looking around the room wondering where to even start. It’s the kind of overwhelmed that makes the tears sting my eyes because it seems as though the harder I try the further behind I get. That kind of overwhelmed. Sometimes I struggle … More Dear Overwhelmed Mama, It’s not about perfection; it’s about love.

Dear Younger Me:

It’s hard to believe that I’m sitting here staring 40 in the eye.  I never thought this day would arrive so soon, but here I am.  As I sit here contemplating this turn of another year, I’ve begun to wonder what I’d tell my younger self if I had the opportunity.  Here are a few … More Dear Younger Me:

Junk In The Closet

See this picture?  This is real.  This is honest.  This is real honest! And I’ll be even more honest…it’s a bit too real for me.  I don’t want to share this because I want you to believe that my home is beautiful and spotless at any given moment.  When you walk inside, I want my … More Junk In The Closet

Beautiful Brokenness

While most people in our South Georgia community were pulling Christmas decorations out of boxes to adorn their tables, mantels, and trees, we were packing things into boxes preparing to begin a new journey.   My husband had been called to pastor a church a few hundred miles from the place we called “home.” When we … More Beautiful Brokenness

No Mama’s Perfect

Should I blog?  I’ve wrestled with this question off and on for several weeks now.  I tend to do this with some things (or a lot of things) lately.  By nature I’m analytical, but sometimes all of this analyzing can lead to anxiety. I don’t remember being this analytical or “thinky” (as my dear friend … More No Mama’s Perfect