Let It Go

My hands clench tightly around my dreams some days and especially around my heart’s desires.   My fists grasp frantically onto those I love in my effort to hold them close and keep them safe, as if it’s in my power to do this. No matter how much I wish it were different, I have little … More Let It Go

We Are Different

Our resident three-year-old alarm clock sounded at the usual and appointed time this morning—5:45 am sharp.  “Maaama…Daaddyy!  Can I get up?”  My elbow jabbed my husband’s side in my non-verbal way of saying, “It’s your turn.”  He turned toward the clock mentioning the time, as he sat up swinging his legs to the floor. “Have … More We Are Different

A Heart To See

By: Ginger Hughes I’m not sure what she saw when she looked at me. There were no tears. My eyes were no longer swollen or red-rimmed. I was simply standing at the door of the intensive care unit, eyes downcast, waiting for my cousin to join me there. I glanced up once and saw her … More A Heart To See

Dear Younger Me:

It’s hard to believe that I’m sitting here staring 40 in the eye.  I never thought this day would arrive so soon, but here I am.  As I sit here contemplating this turn of another year, I’ve begun to wonder what I’d tell my younger self if I had the opportunity.  Here are a few … More Dear Younger Me: