Saturated With Summer; Ready For A Change

Is anyone else ready to jump off this sweet Summer time bandwagon and move on towards Fall?  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m tired.  Tired of Summer.  Tired of trying to come up with creative things for the kids to play.  Tired of pretending to be a cat, a horse, or any type of animal …

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Letting You Walk Away, Learning To Let You Go

They placed you in my arms, and my world has never been the same.  My heart has never felt the same.  Things shifted somewhere deep inside, rearranging themselves, changing me.  I peered into your small face and looked with wonder at your tiny hands.  I touched them, and your little hand closed around my finger …

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Emerging From The Deep

My little girl is no longer afraid of the water! Three years of swimming lessons, and I feel like it has finally clicked. Until now, she has always loved the thought of swimming and has thoroughly enjoyed splashing around, but she never truly relaxed in the water. She would fiercely hold onto a floatation device, …

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Pretty And Smart Are Not Enough: It’s Character That Counts

Our children often see us working hard to make our outward appearances look nice.  They also see us working hard to teach them and to impress upon them the importance of studying and good grades.  But do they see us spending any time making our inside appearance look nice?  Do they see us spending time on our heart?

Children, Church and Chaos

Often I get to church feeling as though I need to skip Sunday School, walk straight up to the sanctuary, down the center aisle, and kneel at the altar to pray. Does this sound a bit dramatic?  Maybe, but if you have children and you’re a church-goer, I’m betting (or maybe just hoping!) that I’m …

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