Why I Write


Hi friends. I’m Ginger, the author behind the blog “No Mama’s Perfect.” I’m a mom of two, the wife of a pastor, and a part-time accountant.

I love coffee, reading, and making my house a home, but with two children under seven, I struggle to find time for any of the three! I enjoy nature, love the mountains, and my favorite season is Fall.

I believe that we each long for community and friendship. We want an enthusiastic high-five or a huge hug to help us celebrate life’s joys, someone to double over with us in those moments of uncontrollable laughter, and someone to hold our hand and cry with us when the grief lays so heavy on the soul we wonder if we’ll ever emerge from the darkness.  We want someone to see us, hear us, and understand.

I want this space, No Mama’s Perfect, to be this kind of place. A place where we share laughter, but also heartache. A place where we can talk about life’s silliness, but also, life’s seriousness. A place where we can be honest about our fears, doubts, burdens, and loneliness because we all experience them.

Here you will mostly find stories of motherhood and faith. Hopefully, within these stories, you will find encouragement, grace, and a deeper understanding that we are all God’s children, that we are not alone in our brokenness, and that we are all deeply loved.

So welcome!  I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee, sit, and stay a while.


3 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Welcome to blogging Ginger! So much of what you said here sounds like me when I started blogging. Blogging still stretches me! God bless your journey here and thanks for following me at Vine Life Faith!


    1. Hi Vanessa. Thanks so much for the encouragement! This is all very new to me. In your post “There’s Got to Be a Better Way”, you asked the question, “How much do people miss, looking down?” This struck a chord with me because of a recent experience. A couple of weeks ago I was walking down the street with my two year old. Suddenly he stopped and started staring up into the sky. He was just looking, enjoying creation. I looked up trying to see what had caught his attention. Seeing only trees and sky I encouraged him to come on, but he just kept standing there staring. The trees and sky were enough for him. He was full of joy and peace as he looked up. I found myself thinking of all the times my head is down as I hurry through the day missing so many moments. Life lessons from the two year old!

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