Hi! My name is Ginger, and I’m a mother of two, the wife of a pastor, and a part-time accountant.   I’m a wanna be scrapbooker and a wanna be journaler, but too much of a perfectionist to do either one joyfully.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve tried through the years to make beautiful scrapbooks, but the time ticks by while I attempt to find a “just right” picture and then write a “just right” caption.   Once I finish one page (that is incidentally “just right”) it’s midnight, the breakfast table is a disaster, and the children will be up in just a few hours. Time to clean up.  This is when the thought, “Is this really worth it?” often comes to mind.

Through the years, I have journaled with a little more success.  Mostly I find myself writing letters to my children.  I do love the idea of their adult selves reading these handwritten letters years from now, and knowing what I was thinking and feeling as I watched them grow.  However, in all honesty, I often wish for a backspace key rather than the messiness of scratching out or using whiteout on all of the imperfections and misspelled words.  And so, this has led me to consider a blog.  I can type faster than I can write, post pictures, and use the delete and backspace button with reckless abandon!

I’ve been reading up on blogs and how the most successful are often full of advice from experts in various fields.  This definitely poses a problem for me because an expert in anything, I am not.  If you want to know how to get a baby to sleep through the night, how to cook dinner without burning the bread, or how to organize a closet in such a way that won’t require it to be reorganized before the weekend, I am probably not your blogger.

Here’s what I am:  I am a perfectionist who wants to let go of some of these tendencies so that I can truly experience joy.  I am an intensely private person who wants to become a bit more open about my life’s journey including the joys and heartaches.  I am a fellow struggler on this road of life trying to figure it all out, and hoping I don’t miss what really matters along the way.

So in this very simple thing, a blog, I hope to share some stories and pictures of my little ones that will make you smile or laugh.  I hope to be willing and honest enough to share some frustrations and heartaches because we all have them; and in sharing them, we realize we are not so different after all.  I hope to offer some encouragement and a deeper sense that we are all God’s children, that none of us are alone, and that we are all loved.

So journey along with me, and hopefully you’ll find yourself in here somewhere.

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  1. Welcome to blogging Ginger! So much of what you said here sounds like me when I started blogging. Blogging still stretches me! God bless your journey here and thanks for following me at Vine Life Faith!


    1. Hi Vanessa. Thanks so much for the encouragement! This is all very new to me. In your post “There’s Got to Be a Better Way”, you asked the question, “How much do people miss, looking down?” This struck a chord with me because of a recent experience. A couple of weeks ago I was walking down the street with my two year old. Suddenly he stopped and started staring up into the sky. He was just looking, enjoying creation. I looked up trying to see what had caught his attention. Seeing only trees and sky I encouraged him to come on, but he just kept standing there staring. The trees and sky were enough for him. He was full of joy and peace as he looked up. I found myself thinking of all the times my head is down as I hurry through the day missing so many moments. Life lessons from the two year old!

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